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Kanban Board Online allows you to quickly task out your work and bring it wherever you go. Prioritize your work and track your progress as you execute. Not sure of how you plan to work your tasks? No problem. You can setup a rough roadmap view to know which tasks you plan to do now, soon and later to prioritize and track your work. Regardless if you are in person, remote or somewhere in between, Kanban board online can help you and your team task, track and execute. Within minutes from now you could have your own free account with your tasks created on your very own Kanban board. 

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Introducing a new and easy way to do Task Management using our
Kanban Board
Quick Setup – Register and create your first task in minutes.
Access Anywhere – Anywhere you are online, you can track your tasks.
Free Account – Setup for free and make your life easier today.

Kanban Board

Our Kanban Board is designed to be flexible. You define how you want to track your tasks. Setup a board, define how you want to prioritize and update according to your plan.  No one plans to fail but many fail to plan. Using a simple Kanban board to track your tasks creates a plan for you or your team to succeed.

Kanban Board Online Features

Add Tasks Quickly
With a click you can have a task defined and a drag you can move your tasks across the board.
Build a plan in minutes
Register and setup within minutes. Plan and execute to completion.
Full Customization
You define what your schedule looks like and how you want to prioritize and drive your roadmap.
Your tasks are your business. Share your plan with who you want and ensure no one else can see what you are up to within your Kanban board.
Free Support
Need Help? We want to help you get setup and running. Whenever you need anything we are just a free contact away!
Drag and Drop
With a click you have a task added and a drag you can move your task across your Kanban board. Task management quicker than a post it!
Set Your Roadmap
While you may not know exactly when you will get to a task, you may know the order you plan to work on them. Set a rough roadmap to guide you.
On The Go
Access your tasks where ever you are online. Plan at home. Meet with a team in the office. Check the status of your work on the fly.
Highly Customizable
Control how you want to manage your tasks. Define your tasks and then prioritize them to what makes sense for you and your goals.

Let Kanban Board Online Help You….

Build your startup

Build your project

Build your business

Build your empire

Manage your progress

Manage your team

Manage your chores

Manage your day to day

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